October 11, 2016


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Privacy Policy for Liberty Surveillance, Inc. video surveillance company
Liberty Surveillance, Inc. does not discuss, disseminate any customer information at any time to any persons or entities without the permission of the client for any purpose whatsoever, unless so directed by a court order.

Given that authorities may have the power to act without such an order Liberty Surveillance, Inc may have to provide assistance but will not do so willingly.  In such cases the client will be notified if possible of this dissemination as can be reasonably expected. Such notification may be via phone, email, US mail or other options either electronic or personally.

Liberty Surveillance, Inc. may monitor the installation for the duration of the warranty period from time to time but the client is advised to check the health of the system on a daily basis.  If the client wishes not to have such access via electronic or site visits they should notify us at any time during the installation or any time after.  We do not guarantee that such monitoring will be done daily nor should the client expect the company to inform them of any equipment failures although under most circumstances we would attempt to act in a timely fashion to make the client aware of such failures or substantial degradation of system or its components.

The Information We Collect or Allow Third Parties to Collect

Liberty Surveillance, Inc. may keep basic account information with contacts, system components, lists of IP addresses for devices on the client network for maintenance purposes only.  We may also collect an installation “snapshot” or short clip to determine if and when there is significant deterioration of the views and to determine if any tampering may have occurred.

Liberty Surveillance, Inc. believes in the full and complete privacy of our clients.  For instance if you have a computer based recording device we will place a home page that does not track your activity and collect information on what content you view, etc. as most of the search engines of today.  The information collected is disguised as helping you with suggestions for preferred websites but are in fact collectors of massive amounts of personal information on what you choose to view.  We find this as an invasion of privacy.  We cannot guarantee that this will completely protect you but we do our best effort to protect your privacy.  Firewalls and other software may be used for your protection as well in these cases.



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