August 31, 2016


residential video surveillance

Residence Video Surveillance Systems for Southeast MA.

First of all, let us ask you this:

When you are not at home do things run as you expect?  Does the housekeeper do a thorough job?
What kind of friends do your children bring to the house when you are not at home?
Are contractors at your property being honest about how much time they spend doing work for you?

All these worries can be taken care of by installing a residential video surveillance system.

Utilizing covert (hidden) and/or deterrent (easy visible that deflect potential trespassers) cameras, Liberty Surveillance can help you protect your home.

With internet access, you can access your system while being away from home.

Advantage of modern video surveillance systems is that you can use them from any place with internet access to:

  • View Live video through your surveillance cameras
  • Control your camera’s settings
  • Search and view instantly for past video and archive or delete the scenes
  • Download video recordings to a PC for later use

Having your own Residential Video Surveillance system is as neat as it gets.

It’s simple, yet effective. We’ll do the hard work, so that you can monitor the situation, be it from computer (Windows, Mac), or from your smartphone (Android, iPhone, iPad).

Seize your peace of mind, by making the cameras work to increase your security. Let’s be honest, almost everyone needs it , and we will be glad if you choose us to install your own. Call (508) 947-5255 today.

Take the best. Take Liberty.