August 31, 2016


Commercial CCTV Video Surveillance Camera Systems (for smaller businesses too)

Looking to monitor your small or large business? We got you covered with our commercial video surveillance plans.

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Three security cameras attached on the office building corner

Weather our clients are small business owners or large corporations, we strive to provide you with something reliable, of high quality, yet easy to use.


Nowadays, it has become difficult to connect with a company that lives up to it’s promises. That’s why we encourage you to give us a call ( (508) 947-5255 ), so we can communicate to you why we are the company that will deliver.


After we answer your questions, it is time that we ask some. We will need your input on what kind of system you require, what you need to see and when and where you need to see it. Through twelve years of work, we’ve seen it all, and we will make a timely proposal, based on the answers you provide.
We always work to give you maximum value surveillance for your dollar.


Commercial Video Surveillance shaped to your needs


We help to identify what, when and how it happened. It is sometimes possible that you might only want to monitor activity (stealing employees, lazy workers, rebellious children…believe us, we’ve seen it all).

Once the surveillance equipment is installed, we’ll provide the training during or on completion of your project. We can come back once for follow-up training, and our technical support is there to assist you.

Being a smaller company we are always up to date with latest technologies. Our clients are what motivates us to excel in our field and deliver steady results.

We are a professional organization, with more than twelve years of experience in commercial video surveillance.

Unlike other suppliers, we provide our commercial video surveillance clients with a video recording with Watermark, which can be used in court.


We’re a locally based business, located in Middleborough, MA.


Advantage of being a smaller company is that we have a face. You can trust us to meet all the terms that we agreed on, because we don’t hide behind a big corporate wall. Read more about our personal responsibility here.

We cover southeast MA, Cape Cod and the Islands. For further questions regarding the specifics of your situation, click HERE to contact us through email.

If your company or small business operates in Massachusetts, and you have decided to enhance your business with commercial video surveillance, call  (508) 947-5255 today.

Get the best for your company. Get Liberty.