November 2, 2017


We are BEST

Best stands for:





Better than our competition. More efficientSkilled in all surveillance related technologies. Trustful and respectful of our clients’ privacy.


Some examples  for you to get a better understanding of what we did for others and can do for you.

CLIENT 1 (commercial surveillance)

9 Recorders and some 90+ cameras (still counting) at 5 locations, client since 2010, hospitality industry leader.
Our contact knows that we are the best at what we do and that’s why this client appreciates our loyalty by hiring us

CLIENT 2 (commercial surveillance)

3 locations with 16+ cameras, client since 2006 (automotive industry). Foresight and cameras saved them on several occasions on property damage and employee issues.  We maintain a very businesslike relationship where exceptional is the expected. The owner is more than satisfied with our services.

CLIENT 3 (commercial surveillance)

1 recorder with 12 cameras, client since 2009
Convenience Store  in a truly dangerous area. For them cctv is a must and they can’t replace it very often.
That is why they went with our higher quality solution which payed itself off in just 1.5 years.

CLIENT 4 (residential surveillance)

2 systems; client since 2008.
One system to observe the building and a second for the final house and bay views.
A client from entertainment industry. We’ve cooperated since 2008.  This is a very private individual and has consented to provide references on request.

CLIENT 5 (commercial surveillance)

Teleconstruction company
1 System w/ 14 cameras, client since 2014.

We communicate directly with the co-owner. He thinks we know everything electronic, software, and network related because…well….we do.

Don’t trust us for it, give us a call and you will be redirected to relevant clients. We’re proud of every job we ever did and we let it do the selling.