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First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Bill Hultin and I am the sole owner and general manager at Liberty Surveillance, Inc. This blog is where I share my expert knowledge on the topic, and help you get to know this useful technology, which has been a big part of my American Dream.

Video surveillance is not just an utility. It’s a way for you to get greater freedom, peace of mind, not worrying about your material possessions one damn bit. That’s how Liberty became my company’s name. I want to give the same Liberty that I experienced by installing a cctv system to everyone who longs for more freedom and a relief.

By digging into articles on this blog, you are doing a great favor to yourself, by getting familiar with a technology that is on a rise. It is bound to be a part of everyday life for each person interested in protecting their own possessions and/or loved ones.

This is the first post, so I’ll outline the goals of this blog and set out a basic line of thought we will be following.


Video surveillance as a part of a bigger picture.


Liberty of Conscience, social, religious, and political.  It was my original concept – Liberty as a way of freeing up your time to what matters to you most.  Forget about your belongings, and material worries with video surveillance. It is an assurance that your possessions can be reclaimed and JUSTICE obtained. That is done through means of video evidence, provided that you have a video surveillance system to begin with.


Of course, I won’t be doing any babbling outside of this post, but will rather focus on practical aspects of the topic.


So, ladies and gentleman, feel free to browse through the contents of our blog, and, as I said, if you have any specific video surveillance or cctv problems you would like to see addressed, don’t be shy and leave a comment down bellow.

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