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How video surveillance will improve your life

Are you tired of playing detective? With video surveillance, you can throw that burden onto your cameras and video recorders, giving yourself liberty to enjoy the things you love. The 2-3 hours you save each day, make a world of difference. Click on the camera icon above this text to learn how we can help changing your life for the better.

Why choose Liberty?

With more than 11 years in video surveillance business, Liberty Surveillance is highly specialized and has the product and expertise to help you protect your business or private property.

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We at Liberty offer even more for your benefit. We provide consulting services, service contracts, leasing and financing options, as well as long term storage via the cloud and onsite 3 year storage.

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"Video Surveillance as an assurance policy!"
Your peace of mind.

We from Liberty Surveillance can pride ourselves for having over 400 successful installations under our belt. More than 11 years of experience, guarantee a supreme level of service and satisfaction. Our company has more than 12 regular customers, who always turn to us when they have a new surveillance challenge facing them. They know that we give 1 year guarantee on installed equipment, as well as on labor. We support the manufacturers warranty where some components are guaranteed for 10 years, and, in some cases, they carry a lifetime warranty. The product would be replaced at no cost for parts. Average installation time for our systems is 5 days for a 16 camera system , whilst our higher quality equipment goes for up to 11 years without need for repair. Take the best. Take Liberty.

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